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massimo gargia teh best 2013 gala the best in Paris
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The "Planet Action Children" Christmas tree, sold 5,500 euros, was made and donated by the artist Sylvana Gainier with the assistance of the Jewelry STARDUST from Hotel de Paris, which offered 2 small pin "butterfly" in gems; this tree a tribute to the structures and associations working for the well being and physical and moral health of children (hospitals and associative structures), presented in very heart a 20/20cm miniature painting by Sylvana Gainier, reproduction of the official engagement photograph of Miss Charlene Wittstock with Prince Albert II of Monacot
Friends of lebanon gala in Cannes with Bouran Bouery and Didied Deschamps à l'Hotel Carlton, featuring Haifa Wehbe and DJ Aurore
Ringo Starr at Artcolart Arternative Light in Monaco with Sibylle Szaggars Redford and Lamia Khashoggi and Mrs Debra Mace From the Children For Peace

beatle ringo starr yellow submarine monaco


Legends by Billal Barrage Monaco MICS with sylvia Sermenghi for Untouchable collection

les anges gardiens d emonaco Gala le 30 novembre 2013

venez tous aider les Anges Gardiens de Monaco qui organisent leur gala de fin d'année le 30 Novembre 2013 à la salle Empire de L'hotel de Paris .
Italian Luxury Club in Monaco at Zelos, With Princess charlene and
prince Albert
Monaco Art Fair 2013 with Pal Sarkozy
Heart Fund Gala In Cannes with Akon and friends
Nights In Monaco with Bill Clinton and Prince Albert
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“Comment prendre la bonne décision” par Murielle Van Boxem“
comment prendre la bonne dzcision par Murielle Van boxem
miss africa United home apge and inscriptions
The first part of the contest will be web based and entirely online through a grand international Web cast during as many months as necessary to build up a real cast
Why [email protected] United pageant PROJECT
The election of a Miss Africa is not only a contest of beauty and elegance, but also the expression of freedom, of the emancipation of women from heavy rules imposed on her in some cultures. It is a battle not for libertarianism, but for the independence and development of women.With this conviction, we have decided to work to the organization of Miss @frica United pageant.
beauty contest & webcasting
Miss @frica United is an INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CONTEST. The cast takes place entirely on the internet, featuring girls of African origins around the world. All African girls (born in Africa or Africans parents) can participate, wherever they currently reside.


Gala BEST Massimo Gargia Paris 2013with Massimo Gargia, jean-François Copé, Grichka et Igor Bogdanoff, Sarah Abitbol, Prince Salman al Saud, Princess Al Thani, lamia Khashoggi, Edouard Nahum, Hermann Buhlbecker, Monika Bacardi, actress Valeria Marini, Jihan Lama.

Miss Charlene Wittstock has lent her support to members of the association Action Innocence Monaco for the seventh auction.

Ladies Lunch Monaco with Pierre Frolla benefitting his association "l'Ecole bleue"/ the blue School with fashion show from designer Galyna Panzari, with president of the charity Cécile de Massy and mrs Safia El Maqui


SHOPPING ART WITH ALLESSANDRO ORLANDOshopping art with alessandro orlando on Tendancetv a new co-production by Alessandro Orlando and TendanceTV for Art Lovers
Red Cross ball Monaco 2013 HSH Prince Albert, Princess Charlene, designer Patrice Papa, Bob Sinclar, Sandrine Quétie, Andréa Casiraghi
les enfants de frankie gala de Noël
Volksvagen:the Cabriolet Beetle day 2/ costiera amalfitana driving along the coast with open roof and flying back
Volkswagen: the Beetle Cabriolet /Napoli trip Day 1 arrival, Sorento, Capri
BAL DE LA ROSE 2013 in Monaco with Prince Albert , Princess Charlene, Princesse Charlotte and Gad Elmaleh
ANGEL FILM AWARDS MONACO 2013, with Lamia Khashoggi
MIPCOM opening party with Werner Herzog
Circus Festival with Princess Stephanie in Monaco

sign the petition for a law against the sale of Tobacco in France. video : Madame Nicotine by Mat et Eau
Bal de Noël/Christmas Ball in Monaco
MIPTV red Carpet with Jean Reno for "Le Grand"
Massimo Gargia the Best Gala december 2012
"TO BE A WOMAN IN MONACO" at the Monaco Yacht Show brought to you by Sylvana Gainier
LIVE Asking Alicia Family Matters
Belle Tout Simplement Votre Club Beauté Magazine ... simply beautiful
ladies lunch video with Charlene Wittstock and SAS Prince ALbert of Monaco
Auction sale of Christmas trees in Hotel de Paris, Monaco for the benefit of Action Innocence charity, sapin encheres action innocence monaco charlene wittsock Louisette azoaglio in the presence of Mrs Charlene Wittstock and mrs Louisette Levy Soussan Azzoaglio
Ladies Lunch Monte Carlo March
Special Olympics & Faces of Monaco and more videos by Oiver Sodeick
Larisa Katz Fashion Baroque & Federica Neri's C-Room Animal Fashion- Cannes film Festival



Auction sale of chrtistmas trees for Action Innocence in Monaco: a fight against pedophilia on the web

The 29 precious trees created by generous donors for Action Innocence Monaco have been sold in the lobby of the Hotel de Paris.

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Miss Charlene Wittstock has lent her support to members of the association Action Innocence Monaco for the seventh auction. The 29 precious trees created by generous donors for Action Innocence Monaco have been sold in the lobby of the Hotel de Paris.

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More than 100 000 euros have been collected to support the association that works to protect children from sexual abuses online. "And we will intensify our actions," promises the president Louisette Levy-Soussan. The bride of Prince Albert II, Charlene Wittstock, was present and actively participated in the sale.

pin encheres action innocence monaco charlene wittsock Louisette azoaglio

sapin sylvana gainier gros plan portrait Albert de monaco charlene wittstock et boite bijoux stardust W Suzanna Siffredi stardust con Sylvana gainier davanti albero di natale Action innocence monaco

 portraits de Sas Albert II de Monaco et de  Charlene wittstock et portrait de Evageline Gouletas par Sylvana gainier dans sapin pour la vente action innocence Sylvana gainier installe son sapin pour la vente action innocence Monaco
The tree by Sylvana Gainia also showcased a miniature portrait of Dame Evangeline Gouletas President of Skyline Equities Realty and Past First Lady of New York State for The National Meningitis Association, NMA, and for her support to UNICEF, The United Nation's Children's Fund.

At its foot were piled the numerous gifts from partners: Bio Harmonie, La Boutique de la Peinture à Menton, Le Mas d'Artigny à Vence, Rio restaurant Vallecrosia Italie, la Maison Catalanzia, le Vista Palace Roquebrune,
La Cigale Menton, singer Lynn Verlayne, Hotel Marriott et Maison Costes de Monaco

Suzanna Sciaguato Siffredi stardust e albero di natale di Sylvana gainier portrait de Evageline Gouletas par Sylvana gainier dans sapin pour la vente action innocence

Also participated in the creation of the Christmas tree decorations "Planet Action children" children of the following services: Hôpital Lenval in Nice Psychiatry Service (2), II AMAPEI foundation Stephanie Beausoleil (1), the Children of Frankie Enfants de Franckie (1), the Children Secours Populaires Nice(2), children of Fights Aids Monaco(1), the Amade World Association of Children's Friends (1 - for which HRH Princess Caroline has agreed tolet Sylvana gainier use the logo), children of the association 72 trisomie 21 Sarthe (2). The children of Lebanon and IME menton (2).

A series of miniature paintings, true works of contemporary art, made by Sylvana Gainia, with color and materials inclusion of resin with shimmering true gold leaf , just complete the decoration.

... and the salewent on: 2000 euros over here, to EUR 1 300 fir customized by Chanel, 1200 e to that of the Manufacture de Monaco. Higher still: 2 800 euros for the Snowy Czarina Snowy tree stuffed plushes of Tintin's faithful friend, the dog Milou. The chocolate tree produced by the Hôtel de Paris was next to the , driftwood tree with Christmas crib by Robert Schmidt, who went under the hammer of the auctioneer to 48 000 euros`

contact: [email protected]

ma nouvelle polo a milan piazz duomo avec ginoMa Polo et moi à Milan full story Miami Voice full story staring Thomas Kramer Art Basel, Claudine Smurfitt and socialite Ecuador a sleeping volcano avwakens full story ISTAMBUL: capitale européenne de la Culture 2010 travel Guatemala: land of magical mystical Mayas climate change discover the Mont Blanc and Val d'Aoste

Jean Antoine Hierro
World Music Awards Monaco with Jennifer Lopez Will I Am, roberto cAvalli and much more
MIP WORLD 2012 Connect to the global entertainement industry
mip world header
Le Bal des Fleurs d'Andrei Fomine la video du Bal des Fleurs 2010, avec Svetlana Zakharova, Ksenia Marchenkov, Galina Yudashkina, Ksenia Sukhinova, Nicole Coste.
Thomas Leclercq Summer Party in St Tropez
The Children For Peace an orphanage in Ethiopia
CREM: Save The Dogs fundraising
WE all are Blind charity gala and show based on a concept from Lilas Spak
Monaco TIME WEEK by STARDUST December 6-12 see press release
Stardust Ice collection Hotel de Paris from December 15th
Ma Polo et moi à Milan
Ladies Lunch Monaco with Pierre Frolla benefitting his association "l'Ecole bleue"/ the blue School with fashion show from designer Galyna Panzari, with president of the charity Cécile de Massy and mrs Safia El Maqui


Monte Carlo circus Festival press conference day 1 with docteur Alain Frere
participez à une grande enquête sur les énergies
MIPTV 2012 with Kev Adams
Jean Roch and friend live concert MICS
Grace Rodson sings: "It will rain"
Friends of Lebanon with CRM Jewelry by Clara
Kasser Rassu gallery in Marbella
angel film awards monacoAngel film Awards with Lamia Khashoggi and anna Obregon on
Fashion show by Philippe Plein MCFF at MICS


Fashion For floor with Kamyar Moghadam

New Art Gallery: global Art on the French Riviera.

London Art:SemArt with HusGallery
Inauguration SemArt in Monaco with Prince Albert II
Back to the Eighties by SEM ART Monaco




5 Fishes superyacht for the Monaco F1 Grand Prix
Eco Art Parade in Abu Dabhi with HSH Prince Albert of Monaco and Sheik Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan
Seakeepers Society in Monaco: protecting the sea for our future
WE ALL COUNT Ethiopian Movie with IEFTA
Video Innocence en Danger Paris avec Gad El Maleh et défilé Elie Saab
Private event RS III Veritas car with Pearl Walsh


Home with Francesco Quinn . Los Angeles/ Oscar Time
Fashion Soup by Federica neri/ top Marques
Exclusive Sea Force One visit with Serge de Yougoslavie
Elisabeth Wessel Fashion Show/Monaco
cruise to the Galapagos video
video of Nelson Mandela red carpet ,Petra Nemcova, Lady Monica bacardi, Mr and Mrs Adnan and Lamia Kashogi, Bono with Cherry Blair in Monaco
video of Nelson Mandela fundraiser with Bono, prince Albert and charlene Wittstock in Monaco
Sharon Stone for cinema verite in monaco video
Mipcom redcarpet with Wonder Girls in Cannes
Meet with Baronness Marianne Brandstetter and her charity sales in Monaco on the benefit of Alzheimer foundation and Princess Grace Hospital
Angel Awards Monaco Film Festival
Lady Monika Bacardi Association for the ARTS
MC Comedy Film Festival Gala
MC Comedy Festival Woman in Monaco
MC Comedy Festival Ezio Greggio
CRISTAL SHOW at Top Marques Monaco
The Children For Peace in Marbella
Grace a Symbol of Change with Ladies in the City
Red Cross Ball 2012 in Monaco with Prince Albert and Princess Charlene
Most beautifull Carrara Marble
carra marble by carrara marble in design
Russian Flower Ball with Ornella Mutti
Ivana Trump and Massimo Gargia: fashion and sea side lunch for Cannes film Festival
Pamela Anderson with Andreas Schwartz: true diamond coated Gemballa cars
Monaco F 1 grand prix gala 2012
Bal de la Rose 2012 with Prince Albert and Princess Charlene
Karen Froment
art by Karen Froment
CFA Creative Gallery at Art Monaco
Beach soccer with Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Pascal Olmeta & friends
Montblanc new jewelry line Princess Grace Launched in Monaco
Alexadru Ciucu Fashion Show in Monaco
Ettore Sottsass at Sem Art in Monaco
Greek Art at Sem Art Gallery in Monaco
MipCom 2011 Russian day
Volkswagen: The New Beetle ... With the Beatles
Massimo Gargia : THE BEST
gala and awards
Sem Art with Safia Al-Rashid Russian Art In Monaco
MICS Monaco & MC Fashion Forum To be a woman in Monaco/ Christophe Guillarme
MICS Monaco MC Fashion Forum VAlentin Yudashkin, Beach & Cashmere
MICS MC Fashion Forum Maria Lafuente,Jiki
"Jean Daniel Lorieux: Shooting in Monaco" with model Katya Gaydukova,Nicolas Lorieux,Model Pierre François Jacob
"TO BE A WOMAN IN MONACO" at the Monaco Yacht Show brought to you by Sylvana Gainier "
Blurbs and Cosmics Fragments by Sylvana Gainier
Les Off de Cannes partner with Miss @frica United for gala at Cannes Film Festival
Bal des Fleurs, russian Flower Ball : Russian party at Villa Ephrusi de Rotschild
BEATRICE MASON at Midem: new voice of Brasil
Kev Adams MIP TV 2012: little boy has grown up

We are all blind
Audi Talents Awards in Cannes
Film Festival