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Over the Top (OTT) and Cord Cutting are the new trends.
OTT technology gives you acces to our content on any connected device, everywhere you have a good quality internet access.
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Circus NEW GENERATION with Princess Stephanie and daughter Pauline
World Music Awards 2014 Pre Party at A TREGO
Jean Paul Goude exhibition and interview Théâtre de la Photo Nice
Bal de Noël Christmas Ball 2014 in Monaco
video description right watch video Alessandro Traversi's birthday party

Alessandro Traversi birthday villa schiffanoia

Russian Film Festival with Gosfilmofond in Monaco
Rose Bal "Rose Ball" 2014 in Monaco with exclusiv concert of MIKA
Bal de Noël Christmas Ball in Monaco 2013 with Vasily Klyukin

BAl de noel christmas ball

Friends of lebanon gala in Cannes with Bouran Bouery and Didier Deschamps à l'Hotel Carlton, featuring Haifa Wehbe and DJ Aurore
jerry al at andrei Fomin Bal des fleurs
Russian Flower Ball at villa Ephrusi de Roschild in St Jean Cap Ferrat,2013; by Andrei fomin with Jerry Hall
Ringo Starr at Artcolart Arternative Light in Monaco with Sibylle Szaggars Redford and Lamia Khashoggi and Mrs Debra Mace From the Children For Peace

beatle ringo starr yellow submarine monaco

Legends by Billal Barrage Monaco MICS with sylvia Sermenghi for Untouchable collection
Italian Luxury Club in Monaco at Zelos, With Princess charlene and
prince Albert
Monaco Art Fair 2013 with Pal Sarkozy
Heart Fund Gala In Cannes with Akon and friends
Nights In Monaco with Bill Clinton and Prince Albert
“Comment prendre la bonne décision” par Murielle Van Boxem“
comment prendre la bonne dzcision par Murielle Van boxem
miss africa United home apge and inscriptions
The first part of the contest will be web based and entirely online through a grand international Web cast during as many months as necessary to build up a real cast
Why [email protected] United pageant PROJECT
The election of a Miss Africa is not only a contest of beauty and elegance, but also the expression of freedom, of the emancipation of women from heavy rules imposed on her in some cultures. It is a battle not for libertarianism, but for the independence and development of women.With this conviction, we have decided to work to the organization of Miss @frica United pageant.
beauty contest & webcasting
Miss @frica United is an INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CONTEST. The cast takes place entirely on the internet, featuring girls of African origins around the world. All African girls (born in Africa or Africans parents) can participate, wherever they currently reside.





You can become a partner with Tendance TV and help us get on the satellite

You can choose to donate the amount that you like, or allocate your donation to a specific project that you can explain to us: production of a special show, technical aspect.

By making a donation, you become a member for one year of the non profit association OLAST which launching TendanceTV.

discover the philosophy behind TendanceTV, all about its content and how it can be prime time all the time. Check about its audience and programs

About Tendance TV

Tendance TV is a Lifestyle channel for trendy & beautiful people of all ages: multi-ethnic international, multilingual, with general content; it will take its viewers on a path showcasing new experiences, with "exclusive" interviews, close up and personal talks backstage with celebrities, for example - or access to events and emotions that are to be found nowhere else and can finally be shared.

Stephanie Boy is launching Tendance TV with a full personally owned library of images filmed and edited over the years and a team of specialists, that will ensure the sustainability of the project. Stephanie Boy, Founder and President of Tendance TV, draws her strength and her deep resources from all the networks she belongs to: family, friends, social & professional life.

To start with she sought help and advice from Formark Europe International, SOLE European operational consulting and training company led by a woman, Murielle Van Boxem, and whose reputation is well established. A journalist by vocation, Stephanie Boy has collaborated to many printed magazines first as a journalist and then as editor and responsible for financed special editions (Tour Hebdo, Cote, Golf Events, Monaco Actualité) before launching her own printed magazine Tendance & Lifestyle 12 years ago. TV is her passion and she attended for 20 years MiP TV and MIPCOM, major international TV markets in Cannes. In 2005, riding the wave of digital technology, she developed audiovisual activities with Abundance Production. Collaboration quickly started with Fashion TV, for which Abundance Production is still regularly supplying content. Over the years, Abundance Production developed links with other TV channels, including Canal + Spain, RBC (Russia), Fashion TV Arabia (based in Lebanon) and finally Germany RTL (primetime shows Exclusiv and Prominent daily). In January 2011 Stephanie BOY launches on the internet the web version of Tendance TV: www.tendancetv.com for the French version and www.tendancetv.us for the English version), while continuing to develop a business plan and a project (the result of 15 years studies) to launch in 2012/2013 Tendance TV "worldwide" on the satellite.

Multilingual, multi-thematic, Tendance TV has its international roots on the French Riviera, the legendary birthplace of universal chic, trend and glamour. With Lifestyle content , Tendance TV is for all those who have dreams and passions to share, plans to build with new friends. Tendance TV will offer its viewers a unique cross media content, with a champagne flavor and full of life. It is also dedicated to all those who like to get involved in programming and interacting with our production teams: those who are "connected ", love to watch content on all types of devices, those who want custom content, those who are also content creators.

Tendance TV/ My lifestyle TV / give its viewers the opportunity to be - as Andy Warhol used to say – “famous for fifteen minutes”. The explosion of new media and the convergence between WEB / TV has led traditional TV on new tracks. Tendance TV will ride this wave of "Social Media Distribution" (transfer of viral material between consumers) and the popularity of social sites like YouTube, Facebook and other Web TV. Tendance TV will offer its viewers to share worldwide on the satellite their holidays ‘Best Offs’, shows, the special events they organized or they attended… . As we said earlier, it will take its viewers on a path and that path is at the very is the heart of the programming strategy of the chanel. Tendance Tv will let viewers show their own ways, own choices , own preferences, and will adapt to the natural pathways that the threads of informations follow among the members of social groups. Some niche programming will be dedicated to the expression of these threads of information, according somehow to a "bottom up " scheme, where viewers will also be content creators. In multi-channel, multi-platform a world, Tendance TV will provide unique cross media, lifestyle, glamorous and trendy content.

This will ensure maximum exposure for sponsors, showcasing products and brands to audiences as diverse as possible, with which it will be possible to interact, especially through shows and formats that will be broadcast simultaneously on Tendance TV and Live on the web… generating great feedback and financial returns both for brands and channel.


Tendance TV Satellite coverage

Tendance TV has chosen to be broadcast on WAA DIGITAL the first and only UNITED COLOUR , multi-cultural and international satellite platform, that covers the wholeplanet, as shown below with distribution satellites zone mapping.

Satellite distribution and geographic distribution
AWA DM (Avilon Willy Alain Digital Multimedia) through its digital bouquet WAA Digital, targets, in addition to a global audience and among others, the whole African diaspora in general, and the Afro-Caribbean community in the world. WAA Digital will ensure the distribution of Tendance TV on the following satellites and locations.

- Europe - Caribbean- America Asia - Pacific -Japan

Hispasat: coverage ranging from Canary Islands to Russia, from Scandinavia to North Africa
- Hispast 1E et galaxie 28

- Asia abs 75 degree http://www.lyngsat.com/ABS-1.html covers 4/5th of the world band c

Satellite coverage of Tendance TV ... more

- Hong Kong, Indochina, st2 88 degree spot a spot ku only 3 being negotiated Middle East golf
- 88 degree st2 only three Middle Eastern spot ku golf http://www.lyngsat.com/ST-2.html

- North Africa Rascom and Rascom 1 South Africa

Retro-planning for the launch of the Satellite TendanceTV

Allow 3 months from the end of August 2012 for implementation and six months for optimal distribution of the signal on all satellites and IPTV

- Server configuration: 4 weeks from mid october 2012. Sending videos on the server end of the month

- Testing broadcast November and then three months of promotion: sidewalk interviews, best off, trailer.

- In January 2013 the commercial release will start of the six active satellites, starting in Asia with ABS then Galaxy 28 USA & Caribean , then Hispasat (2 spots) and Rascom (2 spots), and st2 (1 spot). All this will be confirmed in September)

Share, compare, admire, find friends and customers: You can do all this with Tendance TV

With the format “ A Day in the World ” and through its partners Tendance TV, will offer a unique vision of noted events (Women's Day, St. Patrick, fight against AIDS day, for instance), by following the events all around the planet, during one full day, through time zones sequences.

A video nursery for new talent: to allow the public to build its own program , Tendance TV has posted its Video Clubs. They are currently in test mode on tendancetv.us with a ClipBucket and a VIDISCRIPT versions. The target is to have each week, the three best online videos broadcast on the satellite and Tendance TV will find sponsors who will reward the authors (with prize money or gifts).

Three specific for Tendance TV programming

Worldwide, language is the very barrier to communication. But on the other hand, more and more people speak several languages. Tendance TV will promote multilingualism (see European funding), with a basic flow in English, French, and Italian.

Content and program Schedule

Tendance TV will play both the card of proximity and of International spirit.

Prime time all the time
Tendance TV content is focused on “timeless” stories, with beautiful image, high quality, while at the same time democratizing access to broadcast TV, which to date remains with a very limited access, tightly restricted to the chosen few.

Tendance TV’s direction of the programming will focus its research on the creation of new original content to captivate audiences all over the world, going far over the traditional boundaries. These Interactive, personalized and non-conventional formats will provide the major brands, as well as creators, freedom of action and an instant feedback. New programs, new niches, will reach a mass audience and change the rules of traditional entertainment: these different contents and advertisement formats, will attract new committed audiences to advertisers.

The positioning of our satellite broadcaster WAA DIGITAL brings out an additional new and interesting marketing target, the African diaspora worldwide.

The reference to the African diaspora, a symbol both of the birth of humanity and its development across the globe, is wink to highlight the humanist ambition of Tendance TV.

To emphasize this commitment to universal values of tolerance, openness and “joie de vivre” happiness , and to honor WAA Digital, Tendance TV will host on the internet in the year of its launch on the satellite a Miss @frica United contest, which final show will be broadcast on all satellites worldwide on Tendance TV. All young women in Africa or of African descent worldwide may participate. This will be followed by a series of other competitions: Miss @sia United, Miss [email protected] Boom Generation, Mister [email protected] ...

Tendance TV Contents: Generalists, Chic, Trendy, Funny, Humorous, Lifestyle & New Age, non-conventional and Universal

Tendance TV: a general channel, with reports in several languages / programming "always prime time", * - the major capitals around the world: * MY Paris, MY Moscow , MY Miami, MY New York , MY Monte Carlo. Playing with time zones , Tendance TV will be launched providing the same content for all with holidays postcards, fashion events, gala evenings, chic and trendy social stories, celebrities, music, arts. Tendance TV, upscale, chic and trendy, popular and intelligent (we dare say so) will offer a highly visual content attracting a wide audience of all ages.

"MY beautiful people" celebrities and their charities: TV and media can change the world and be an instrument of peace and understanding. Charities often are associated with celebs and VIPs. To help charity associations and charitable events, My beautiful people will highlight the role of opinion leaders: Bono, Clinton, Bill Gates, famous people and stars. It will re direct the public to the associations' Web sites so that people can make donations to associations on the internet (Tendance TV does not handle online donations, but prefers that it remains the responsibility of associations and their members . However Tendance TV will be happy to help bring charity associations in front of international audience).

"MY travel": travel, extreme destinations, exotic cultures, recreation and sports (sailing, golf, horseback riding, and sports stars): discover places abroad, the dramatic, unexpected, and voluptuous dreams of luxury and pleasure). With beautiful images and few comments. Young and fun, this segment should be all but just advertising postcard.

"My better world": Green and Bio stories to make a better world come true. "Let’s save the planet together" with environmental documentaries and interviews of celebs and of the public. We also offer our "green & Bio" sponsors to broadcast their best stories.

"MY music": Tendance Records or Tendance Music Awards. This programming might in a 2nd time be developed as an independent channel: It will be the right place to search for and showcase new talent

"MY movies" series or films with strong message, like Blood diamonds or disaster movies referring to climate change or films with humanitarian messages. The purchase of these films can be quite expensive. Sponsors will be associated with each of them and their funding would be used to purchase dedicated material

"My lifestyle": celebrities, fashion, music, beauty, wellness, hair and make-up but also luxury life style, jewelry, cars, mansions, private jets, super yachts, gastronomy (and delicious diet), arts (contemporary painting, auctions, happenings), special events and technological innovations.

"My News, MY TV" for and by viewers: the best from You Tube, Myspace and other social media will be proposed satellite broadcast worldwide: free original content that will publicize their authors, if the content has value, regardless of the technical aspects. This will empower viewers and make them producers of their own tv : access to broacasting content should not be reserved just to an elite, but everyone will be allowed to be "famous for fifteen minutes"

"MY Games and reality show" games and contests: in preparation: Beauty contest Miss @frica United, How to "get out of the box,", To be a Woman in… Paris, Monte Carlo, New Yorkd

Values that reinforce the target audience of Tendance TV

International, multilingual, multi-thematic, adressing all ages, Tendance TV is for all the audience on the planet. It aims at breaking down geographic and cultural barriers by sharing the universal values of celebration, happiness, art, music, beauty, respect for humanity and the planet, of harmony and joy: in short "The true, the good, the beautiful" cited by many philosophers.

These values take different forms in every culture and society, they are nevertheless present in each of them. They animate and inspire the social relationships between individuals and groups, and they are the source of solidarity. Today, they are also found in the avant garde, green or environmentalist movements, Bio and New Age, Bobos, and new trendsetters.

Television and its web and mobile distribution are the ideal media to convey these values. Values that can also be defined, in terms of marketing and of consumer behavior - and this is of major interest for our partners and sponsors - as beliefs that a specific form of behavior or purpose in life is personally or socially preferable to another.

Do not miss this point : it is a clear marketing approach: Tendance TV audience is composed of people concerned about their future and the future of the planet: hedonistic, epicurean, they love life and the world and feel responsible, concerned and committed to both.

Tendance TV Partners Club

To associate your brand to a sustainable and active international cultural action, show your commitment to the creation and get in return exclusive benefits , join Tendance TV Partners Club.

Tendance TV Partners Club federates patron companies or partners. It is intended not only to all businesses looking for an opportunity for a special and original type of communication, but also to those in search of a new management tool in order to sustain Tendance TV in its development.

By joining Tendance TV Partners’ Club , your company benefits from positive feedback and rewards , from exclusive tax deductions ; it will enhance its image and positioning and strengthens its internal communications strategy. Public relations, invitations to private parties and prestigious events, internal communication: this is some of what Tendance TV Partners Club will do, bringing together patrons who support the missions of Tendance TV and share its vision to develop, together, communication and audio visual know how of for more creativity, philanthropy and the discovery new talents in France and worldwide.

By becoming partners with Tendance TV, you are also at the heart of a platform for dialog and exchange of best practices. The Partners Club will bring together businesses in a dynamic and friendly network, while giving their backstage pass to Tendance TV and promoting trade among its members. It can take the name of your company to label a media cultural or artistic projects with a wide array of possibilities: participating to the production of specific programs, creating awareness for young audiences, financial contribution to the acquisition of new equipment for Tendance TV, commitment towards the disadvantaged or disabled, or target audiences: young, woman, senior, sports.


Tendance TV Partners Club.
To support a production project and/or new talents

To join the Club and support the activities of Tendance TV, there are several forms of agreements.

- Partnership: The partnership is formalized through an annual agreement and a contribution eligible for many benefits. This can be a commodity exchange, a provision of expertise or financial allocation.

- Sponsorship: Being patron of Tendance TV means associating your name and image to an artistic and cultural media project, to its influence and its development : it will clearly involve your company in the life of planet earth.

Any company wishing to provide financial support to Tendance TV can become a patron and partner in a specific way , or can participate in the general programming of the channel, or to a particular production or show, game, format or any other project schedule. We will adapt to your request.

Legal and fiscal framework of corporate sponsorship

Under French Law of 1 August 2003: Spending on sponsorship are eligible for a tax reduction equal to 60% of their amount (in cash or in kind), taken within 0.5% of turnover excluding tax. The company can deduct the excess from payments linked to sponsorship for the next five years, within the ceiling each year.

Example: If your company pays € 10 000 as part of a sponsorship, you receive a reduction of corporate tax of € 6,000: actual cost of the operation € 4 000. In addition, you can receive individual counterparts (theater tickets, air time ...) in the limit of 25% of the amount of your donation.

Tendance TV chooses WWA Digital as a Partner

WAA Digital http://www.awadm.fr/ is a digital international multicultural satellite bouquet that will offer viewers, amongst others, channels in French, English and Creole. WAA Digital is the first satellite bouquet with a democratic "low cost" access price tag for Partner channels, and that's a true revolution. Partners channels can at last access the satellite distribution at an affordable price compared to what can be found now on the market, where large operators propose prohibitive prices that restrict access to satellite only to the privileged channels that can afford it.

WAA Digital and Tendance TV: a sustainable partnership for worldwide distribution

Tendance TV has chosen WAA Digital Multimedia to provide its bandwidth on the satellites on which the WAA Digital satellite television service is distributed. Tendance TV will be included in WAA Digital bouquet. Through WAA Digital, Tendance TV will have a worldwide distribution launch, which is exactly the right audience for its content. The partnership contract deals for the supply of all service in HD (High Definition) over 5 years.


How to watch Tendance TV

Besides dth (direct to home) satellite reception with satellite dish and DVBS2 decoder (better quality and cheaper), which will be provided by WAA DIGITAL and available for purchase online or at many sale points, distribution on existing networks, ip tv and cable operators will be negotiated by both WAA Digital and Tendance TV in the common goal of ensuring the widest possible distribution both for Tendance TV and WAA Digital satellite package.

This is one of the key conditions for the development of advertising sales and partnerships with sponsors, these sources of funding being essential in return to the development of the both the satellite bouquet and Tendance TV channel.

WAA Digital Multimedia will also provide encoding for reception on mobile phones and tablets via IPTV android


Let's be creative

Amber Lounge Monaco 2016 F1 the one and only International charity and star studded Fashion show in Monaco
Vassily Klyukin Yacht design at Monaco Yacht show 2014
Press Conference Friends of Lebanon Monaco with Didier Deschamps
Robertaz gilardi with Jacob arabo jacob & co Monaco 2014
Jacob & Co 2014 jewels showcase in Monaco
Automobile Club Gala for Formula 1 Monaco Grand prix 2014 With Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and winner Jenson Button
Gala BEST 2013
massimo gargia teh best 2013 gala the best in Paris
Massimo Gargia Paris 2013: j-F Copé, Prince Salman al Saud, Princess Al Thani, lamia Khashoggi, Edouard Nahum, Monika Bacardi,
Titiana Tridvornova's Symphonie d'Azur' on the French riviera showcasing photographer Ida Ruchina, chairman of the Chukotka Red Cross, telling the life of Chukotka simple people. Ida Ruchina supports the efforts developped in Russia's far east by her cousin, Roman Abramovitch.
Jean Antoine Hierro
World Music Awards Monaco with Jennifer Lopez Will I Am, Roberto Cavalli and much more
Le Bal des Fleurs d'Andrei Fomine la video du Bal des Fleurs 2010, avec Svetlana Zakharova, Ksenia Marchenkov, Galina Yudashkina, Ksenia Sukhinova, Nicole Coste.
Thomas Leclercq Summer Party in St Tropez
The Children For Peace an orphanage in Ethiopia
CREM: Save The Dogs fundraising
WE all are Blind charity gala and show based on a concept from Lilas Spak
Monaco TIME WEEK by STARDUST December 6-12 see press release
Stardust Ice collection Hotel de Paris from December 15th
Ma Polo et moi à Milan
Ladies Lunch Monaco with Pierre Frolla benefitting his association "l'Ecole bleue"/ the blue School with fashion show from designer Galyna Panzari, with president of the charity Cécile de Massy and mrs Safia El Maqui
Monte Carlo circus Festival press conference day 1 with docteur Alain Frere
participez à une grande enquête sur les énergies
MIPTV 2012 with Kev Adams
Jean Roch and friend live concert MICS
Grace Rodson sings: "It will rain"
Friends of Lebanon with CRM Jewelry by Clara
Kasser Rassu gallery in Marbella
the children for peace with lamia khashoggi in marbella
MipCom 2011 Russian day
Volkswagen: The New Beetle ... With the Beatles
Massimo Gargia : THE BEST
gala and awards




Circus NEW GENERATION with Princess Stephanie and daughter Pauline
World Music Awards 2014 Pre Party at A TREGO
Jean Paul Goude exhibition and interview Théâtre de la Photo Nice
Bal de Noël Christmas Ball 2014 in Monaco
Red Cross Ball 2014 Monaco with Charlene and Albert of Monaco
Massimo Gargia Birthday 2014 in Ramatuelle
Chérie/Doudou les sketchs du Privé du port de Nice
The Children For Peace in Marbella
BEATRICE MASON at Midem: new voice of Brasil
Kev Adams MIP TV 2012: little boy has grown up
We are all blind
Audi Talents Awards in Cannes
Film Festival

Global Art on the French Riviera.

London Art:SemArt with HusGallery
Inauguration SemArt in Monaco with Prince Albert II
Back to the Eighties by SEM ART Monaco

Sem Art with Safia Al-Rashid Russian Art In Monaco


"Jean Daniel Lorieux: Shooting in Monaco" with model Katya Gaydukova,Nicolas Lorieux,Model Pierre François Jacob
"TO BE A WOMAN IN MONACO" at the Monaco Yacht Show brought to you by Sylvana Gainier "
Blurbs and Cosmics Fragments by Sylvana Gainier
Les Off de Cannes partner with Miss @frica United for gala at Cannes Film Festival
Bal des Fleurs, russian Flower Ball : Russian party at Villa Ephrusi de Rotschild
MICS Monaco & MC Fashion Forum To be a woman in Monaco/ Christophe Guillarme
MICS Monaco MC Fashion Forum VAlentin Yudashkin, Beach & Cashmere
MICS MC Fashion Forum Maria Lafuente,Jiki


Angel film Awards with Lamia Khashoggi and anna Obregon on mediaphotocotedazur.com
Fashion show by Philippe Plein MCFF at MICS
Fashion For floor with Kamyar Moghadam





Grace a Symbol of Change with Ladies in the City
Comedy Festival with Ezio Greggio
Inauguration Monaco Shop Daniela Bentivoglio
Watch video Serge Romanov in Monacoserge romanov photographer at vasily klyukins art house in Monaco
Red Cross Ball 2012 in Monaco with Prince Albert and Princess Charlene


Most beautifull Carrara Marble
Russian Flower Ball with Ornella Mutti
Ivana Trump and Massimo Gargia: fashion and sea side lunch for Cannes film Festival
Pamela Anderson with Andreas Schwartz: true diamond coated Gemballa cars
Monaco F 1 grand prix gala 2012
Bal de la Rose 2012 with Prince Albert and Princess Charlene
CFA Creative Gallery at Art Monaco
Beach soccer with Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Pascal Olmeta & friends
Montblanc new jewelry line Princess Grace Launched in Monaco
Alexadru Ciucu Fashion Show in Monaco
Ettore Sottsass at Sem Art in Monaco
Greek Art at Sem Art Gallery in Monaco