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ecuador trip with Tendance & Lifestyle


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Upcomming reality shows include: What it takes to... be a woman in Monaco, Irina's Fashion Secrets, New talent show, My Teleshopping (an enormously popular and increasingly successful activity), MY Games : games and competitions

TendanceTV plays both the card and proximity of international content, very visual, that speaks for itself ; just watch it you'll adore it

"My travel": travel luxury destination extreme sports culture and recreation (sailing, golf, horse riding, celebs and sports) to learn from abroad and dream (luxury, calm and voluptuousness)/

"My better world": Green issues for a better world: "we'll save the planet" with environmental documentaries from both famous people and the public. To help non profit associations and charities, TendanceTV will also highlight the role and personality of opinion leaders: Bono, Clinton, Bill Gates, stars celebsl. Fun, but refers directly to the associations' Web sites so that people can give on the internet .

"My Music" Gives its partners and participating audience the most notable notoriety. Promote music groups and music programs videos and propose revenue sharing young producers

"My news and My movies." ... films and series with a message like Blood Diamond or disaster movie ref climate change, and films with humanitarian messages. We look for sponsors to associate with each of them and whose financing would be used to purchase dedicated content

"My lifestyle": with celebrities, fashion, music, beauty, hair and makeup, luxury jewelry, cars, apartments, private jets, superyacht. Culinary delights and dietetics; The arts (painting s & happenings). Technology

"MY TV": for and by young people.The best of you tube, myspace etc., with broadcast-quality : even if very not good from a technical point a view, great original content.

MY beautifull people "celebs" and their charities: the tv and the media can change the world and be an instrument of peace and understanding.

contact: [email protected]