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Industry Insight’s business knowledge is just a sample of the full MIP experience: face-to-face networking, deal-making, learning and future-shaping...

Meet with Baronness Marianne Brandstetter and her charity sales in Monaco on the benefit of Alzheimer foundation and Princess Grace Hospital

Monaco TIME WEEK by STARDUST December 6-12 see press release

Stardust Ice collection Hotel de Paris from December 15th





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Ma Polo et moi à Milan

ma nouvelle polo a milan piazz duomo avec gino




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Belle Tout Simplement l'émission hebdomadaire: Conseils, trucs et astuces, leçons et actus... Votre Club "Beauté Magazine"... simply beautifull

CREM: Save The Dogs fundraising

WE all are Blind charity gala and show baszed on a concept from Lilas Spak

Ladies Lunch Monte Carlo March

Special Olympics & Faces of Monaco and more videos by Oiver Sodeick

Larisa Katz Fashion Baroque & Federica Neri's C-Room Animal Fashion- Cannes film Festival

Christmas trees in Hotel de Paris, Monaco for the benefit of Action Innocence charity,in the presence of Mrs Charlene Wittstock and mrs Louisette Levy Soussan Azzoaglio

LIVE Ask Alicia Family Matters


Aboard 5 Fishes superyacht for the Monaco F1 Grand Prix

Eco Art Parade in Abu Dabhi with HSH Prince Albert of Monaco and Sheik Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan

Seakeepers Society in Monaco:protecting the sea for our future

WE ALL COUNT Ethiopian Movie with IEFTA

Video Innocence en Danger Paris avec Gad El Maleh et défilé Elie Saab

Private event RS III Veritas car with Pearl Walsh

Home with Francesco Quinn . Los Angeles/ Oscar Time

Fashion Soup by Federica neri/ top Marques

Exclusive Sea Force One visit with Serge de Yougoslavie

Elisabeth Wessel Fashion Show/Monaco

video of Nelson Mandela red carpet ,Petra Nemcova, Lady Monica bacardi, Mr and Mrs Adnan and Lamia Kashogi, Bono with Cherry Blair in Monaco

video of Nelson Mandela fundraiser with Bono prince Albert and charlene Wittstock in Monaco

Sharon Stone for cinema verite in monaco video

Mipcom redcarpet with Wonder Girls in Cannes

cruise to the Galapagos video

ladies lunch video


Auction sale of Christmas trees in Hotel de Paris, Monaco for the benefit of Action Innocence charity, sapin encheres action innocence monaco charlene wittsock Louisette azoaglio in the presence of Mrs Charlene Wittstock and mrs Louisette Levy Soussan Azzoaglio


Siffredi stardust co di Sylvana gainier davanti albero di natale Action innocence monaco

Sylvana Gainier che ha creato e regalato l'alberro "Planète Action enfants" e Suzanna Sciaguato Siffredi Di Stardust


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Larisa Katz Fashion Baroque Federica Neri C-Room Animal Fashion Cannes film festival

Born and raised in the former Soviet Union in 1974, but now living in the southern part of the Netherlands, Larisa Katz has always been passionate about art and the wonders of the world as she sees it.
Formerly a painter, the now designer took her portraiture skills to human form, utilizing the same ideas to produce visceral, sculptural dresses in style of haute couture.
 In her work she uses fabrics to build dresses that look like sculptures. Playing with different materials and shapes she creates timeless and romantic designs. She combines the visions of Eastern and Western cultures.
In the past 2 years Larisa has shown her designs at runways of Amsterdam, Dubai, Bahrain, NYC & London. [email protected]

La collection C-Room créée par Federica Neri est composée d'articles hautement féminins afin de créer une atmosphère "exotérique" avec ses velours diamant noir ou rouges ornés de maxi chaînes en "platine", bronze et acier, en plus de suberbes manteaux en cuirs doux et souples pour entourer la femme de mystère, donner l'envie de découvrir ses secrets et prendre goût de son unique fascination... www.c-room.it