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Circus NEW GENERATION with Princess Stephanie and daughter Pauline
World Music Awards 2014 Pre Party at A TREGO
Jean Paul Goude exhibition and interview Théâtre de la Photo Nice
Bal de Noël Christmas Ball 2014 in Monaco

watch video Alessandro Traversi's birthday party

Alessandro Traversi birthday villa schiffanoia

Russian Film Festival with Gosfilmofond in Monaco
Rose Bal "Rose Ball" 2014 in Monaco with exclusiv concert of MIKA
Bal de Noël Christmas Ball in Monaco 2013 with Vasily Klyukin

BAl de noel christmas ball

Friends of lebanon gala in Cannes with Bouran Bouery and Didier Deschamps à l'Hotel Carlton, featuring Haifa Wehbe and DJ Aurore
jerry al at andrei Fomin Bal des fleurs
Russian Flower Ball at villa Ephrusi de Roschild in St Jean Cap Ferrat,2013; by Andrei fomin with Jerry Hall
Ringo Starr at Artcolart Arternative Light in Monaco with Sibylle Szaggars Redford and Lamia Khashoggi and Mrs Debra Mace From the Children For Peace

beatle ringo starr yellow submarine monaco

Legends by Billal Barrage Monaco MICS with sylvia Sermenghi for Untouchable collection
Italian Luxury Club in Monaco at Zelos, With Princess charlene and
prince Albert
Monaco Art Fair 2013 with Pal Sarkozy
Heart Fund Gala In Cannes with Akon and friends
Nights In Monaco with Bill Clinton and Prince Albert



  • Watch it LIVE on Asking Alicia Family Matters

    watch show filmed JUNE 9th: Bereavment discussed with Alicia, and her advisors Anne Pilling, Counsellor, and Clairvoyant Trance Medium , Cathy Cottridge.


    ADULTERY: Hosted by ALICIA R.F.SEDGWICK with experts Stephanie Woollacott and Jim Beerley available to guide and advise.



    Hosted by ALICIA R.F.SEDGWICK wiith experts Stephanie Woollacott and Jim Beerley available to guide and advise.

    12:30 Fusion on the Port/Monaco 6-Quai Antoine 1er , Monaco Telephone: +377 9797 9595.

    What is adultery?

    Coming to Tendance tv, live from Fusion on the Port in Monaco, "Asking Alicia"- the Show that looks at issues and how they affect you and your family because family matters - the first Show discussing Adultery...

    What is adultery? Have you experienced your Partner being
    adulterous? Have you felt rejected? Do you think your Partner is having an affair but you do not know whether to ask them/confront them..

    What do you do if you fall in love with your best friend's Partner? How do you cope with adultery happening to you? How do you rebuild your life, or do you ignore it and/or accept it for the sake of the children? Is it healthy to have affairs in a relationship to keep it alive and thriving?..

    All these questions and many more will be discussed live in Monaco.

    Write in with your questions to [email protected]
    Call and text Alicia on..+ 33 6 634 630 05
    Come to the Show ( it is free) with your friends, have your say and ask your questions..and call
    in/text and email during the Live Show.

    Facebook page coming soon

    "Asking Alicia" because you and your family matter.

    The Show, hosted by Alicia, will examine the impact on the family of various social, economic and health issues by talking to experts and getting feed back from people who are effected through the medium of call in’s, emails, and texts, and with a studio audience.


    Fusion on the Port

    A sumptuous choice of Asian-inspired dishes as well as sushi. Warm and cozy atmosphere accompanied by spectacular views overlooking the the port of Monaco. Business or social rendezvous with a touch of « zen »: the APERO from 6 p.m. til 8 p.m proposes half price cocktails and a complimentary snack

    "Asking Alicia" because you and your family matter.

    The Show, hosted by Alicia, will examine the impact on the family of various social, economic and health issues by talking to experts and getting feed back from people who are effected through the medium of call in’s, emails, and texts, and with a studio audience.


    Filmed at Fusion, located above Stars n Bars on the Monaco harbour, each weekly "Asking Alicia" Show will be Live and will cover the following issues, for example, and their impact on the family :

    Mother and Daughter Relationships
    Losing a child
    Teenage sex, and drugs
    Coping with teenagers
    Suicide and Bereavement
    Is happiness a skill to be learned?
    Sibling Rivalry
    Drug Users
    Father and Son Relationships
    Step Children and Step Parents
    Sexual Harrassment
    Life after Death
    Past Lives
    Parenting and should your children look after you when you are elderly or infirm and be responsible for you?
    Stay at home Fathers
    Working Parents
    Losing your job
    Disability – including autism and handicap
    Mobile phones/video games/Internet – do these bring families together or tear them apart?
    Nutrition and food – weight, and eating disorders.

    Each week, firstly as a 30 minute Show, Alicia will have a Blog and there will be information on the Tendance tv website which will give detail on the subject that week to be discussed and people can write in and comment before the Show goes Live. Then, in the Studio points will be discussed, along with the audience, calls, and emails, and texts during the Show.

    Experts on the subject will be at the Show to give their advice and assistance, too, and it is proposed that Celebrities will attend to discuss how they have been affected by the particular issue, and give their experience or ask for advice too.

    “Ask Alicia” is there for you to find support and guidance on a range of issues that affect your family (on live internet TV, which is the source of immense growth and development in the media market.) Copyright 2011 Alicia R.F.Sedgwick.

    send your questions to Alicia

    Watch live video from tendancetv on

    Thursday february 17th from 6.30 to 8.30 live from Fusion in Monaco for Monaco USA with Paul Earle, interviewing producer Marco Orsinni, Alicia Sedgwick for Asking Alicia, nutritionist Susan Tomasini and more friends

    Monaco USA at Fusion: More interviews with Paul Earl, Monett, ALicia Sedgwick and Alisson, Life coach.Riggi d'Amico, Coach Nicole, photographer Stephanie Parker , delicious sweet paintings and arts by Sylvana Gainier. Carl Henry,

    The information provided in Asking Alicia or anything related to the
    Show, blog, and website, is not intended as legal advice. It is a
    general discussion of the subject matter, for informational purposes
    only. If you have any specific legal questions, we recommend you
    consult an attorney familiar with the area of law. The views expressed
    are entirely without prejudice to Alicia and her colleagues and
    tendance tv.

    RELEASE to be signed by participans and public of the LIVE show:

    For good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby
    acknowledged, I hereby consent to the photographing of myself and the recording of my voice and the use of these photographs and/or
    recordings singularly or in conjunction with other photographs and/or
    recordings for advertising, publicity, commercial or other business
    purposes. I understand that the term "photograph" as used herein
    encompasses both still photographs and motion picture footage.

    I further consent to the reproduction and/or authorization by
    Abundanceprod/TendanceTV to reproduce and use said photographs and recordings of my voice, for use in all domestic and foreign markets.

    Further, I understand that others, with or without the consent of
    Abundanceprod/TendanceTVmay use and/or reproduce such photographs and

    I hereby release Abundanceprod/TendanceTV, and any of its associated or affiliated companies, their directors, officers, agents, employees and customers, and appointed advertising agencies, their directors, officers, agents and employees from all claims of every kind on account of such use.

    If person is under 18: I,____________________, am the parent/legal
    guardian of the individual named above, I have read this release andapprove of its terms.

    Print Name:___________________________



    Amber Lounge Monaco 2016 F1 the one and only International charity and star studded Fashion show in Monaco
    Vassily Klyukin Yacht design at Monaco Yacht show 2014
    Press Conference Friends of Lebanon Monaco with Didier Deschamps
    Robertaz gilardi with Jacob arabo jacob & co Monaco 2014
    Jacob & Co 2014 jewels showcase in Monaco
    Automobile Club Gala for Formula 1 Monaco Grand prix 2014 With Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and winner Jenson Button
    Gala BEST 2013
    massimo gargia teh best 2013 gala the best in Paris
    Massimo Gargia Paris 2013: j-F Copé, Prince Salman al Saud, Princess Al Thani, lamia Khashoggi, Edouard Nahum, Monika Bacardi,
    Titiana Tridvornova's Symphonie d'Azur' on the French riviera showcasing photographer Ida Ruchina, chairman of the Chukotka Red Cross, telling the life of Chukotka simple people. Ida Ruchina supports the efforts developped in Russia's far east by her cousin, Roman Abramovitch.
    Jean Antoine Hierro
    World Music Awards Monaco with Jennifer Lopez Will I Am, Roberto Cavalli and much more
    Le Bal des Fleurs d'Andrei Fomine la video du Bal des Fleurs 2010, avec Svetlana Zakharova, Ksenia Marchenkov, Galina Yudashkina, Ksenia Sukhinova, Nicole Coste.
    Thomas Leclercq Summer Party in St Tropez
    CREM: Save The Dogs fundraising
    MICS Monaco MC Fashion Forum VAlentin Yudashkin, Beach & Cashmere
    MICS MC Fashion Forum Maria Lafuente,Jiki
    Angel film Awards with Lamia Khashoggi and anna Obregon on
    Fashion show by Philippe Plein MCFF at MICS
    Fashion For floor with Kamyar Moghadam
    Ladies Lunch Monaco with Pierre Frolla benefitting his association "l'Ecole bleue"/ the blue School with fashion show from designer Galyna Panzari, with president of the charity Cécile de Massy and mrs Safia El Maqui
    Monte Carlo circus Festival press conference day 1 with docteur Alain Frere

    Blurbs and Cosmics Fragments by Sylvana Gainier
    Les Off de Cannes partner with Miss @frica United for gala at Cannes Film Festival
    Bal des Fleurs, russian Flower Ball : Russian party at Villa Ephrusi de Rotschild
    MICS Monaco & MC Fashion Forum To be a woman in Monaco/ Christophe Guillarme
    Ladies Lunch Gala Dinner 2011 with Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert
    5 Fishes boat Party F1 Grand Prix Monaco
    Trip to the Galapagos with Quasar expedition with MY Grace



    Grace a Symbol of Change with Ladies in the City
    Comedy Festival with Ezio Greggio
    Inauguration Monaco Shop Daniela Bentivoglio
    Watch video Serge Romanov in Monacoserge romanov photographer at vasily klyukins art house in Monaco
    Red Cross Ball 2012 in Monaco with Prince Albert and Princess Charlene

    Most beautifull Carrara Marble
    Russian Flower Ball with Ornella Mutti
    Ivana Trump and Massimo Gargia: fashion and sea side lunch for Cannes film Festival
    Pamela Anderson with Andreas Schwartz: true diamond coated Gemballa cars
    Monaco F 1 grand prix gala 2012
    Bal de la Rose 2012 with Prince Albert and Princess Charlene
    CFA Creative Gallery at Art Monaco
    Beach soccer with Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Pascal Olmeta & friends
    Montblanc new jewelry line Princess Grace Launched in Monaco
    Alexadru Ciucu Fashion Show in Monaco
    Ettore Sottsass at Sem Art in Monaco
    Greek Art at Sem Art Gallery in Monaco
    Massimo Gargia : THE BEST
    Friends of Lebanon with CRM Jewelry by Clara
    Kasser Rassu gallery in Marbella
    the children for peace with lamia khashoggi in marbella
    MipCom 2011 Russian day
    Volkswagen: The New Beetle ... With the Beatles
    MIPTV 2012 with Kev Adams
    Jean Roch and friend live concert MICS
    Grace Rodson sings: "It will rain"
    WE all are Blind charity gala and show based on a concept from Lilas Spak
    Sharon Stone for Cinéma Vérité red carpet in Monaco.