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Circus NEW GENERATION with Princess Stephanie and daughter Pauline
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Bal de Noël Christmas Ball 2014 in Monaco
video description right watch video Alessandro Traversi's birthday party

Alessandro Traversi birthday villa schiffanoia

Russian Film Festival with Gosfilmofond in Monaco
Rose Bal "Rose Ball" 2014 in Monaco with exclusiv concert of MIKA
Bal de Noël Christmas Ball in Monaco 2013 with Vasily Klyukin

BAl de noel christmas ball

Friends of lebanon gala in Cannes with Bouran Bouery and Didier Deschamps à l'Hotel Carlton, featuring Haifa Wehbe and DJ Aurore
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Russian Flower Ball at villa Ephrusi de Roschild in St Jean Cap Ferrat,2013; by Andrei fomin with Jerry Hall
Ringo Starr at Artcolart Arternative Light in Monaco with Sibylle Szaggars Redford and Lamia Khashoggi and Mrs Debra Mace From the Children For Peace

beatle ringo starr yellow submarine monaco

Legends by Billal Barrage Monaco MICS with sylvia Sermenghi for Untouchable collection
Italian Luxury Club in Monaco at Zelos, With Princess charlene and
prince Albert
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Nights In Monaco with Bill Clinton and Prince Albert



  • The Children for Peace Gala in Marbella

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    Montserrat Caballe and daughter Montserrat Marti where guests of honour of the charity gala for The Children For Peace in Marbella , this year again. And they kindly offered their stage performance, this year again, to the enthusiastic public who had gathered at Hotel Puente Romano tennis court, transformed into an opera for the evening.

    Their performance was followed by a gala dinner, and generous guests coming from all over the world attended.

    Jet Setter PR Yanou Collart flew all the way from Paris and did appreciate Vip Limo Service dedicated to guests. Hotel Puente Romano main tennis court was turned into opera arena. Nikolai Baskov from Russia expressed his support for The Children for Peace

    On the Red Carpet, Mrs Lamia Khashoggi arrived in the company of close friend Miss Neevent Ashmawi and mr Bernt Beetz. Soon arrived Mrs Nour Gorani Haddad along with Gustave Bonde, Mr Alfredo Gallulo and his daughter, from Rome. John Thomson from Hotel Puente Romano was geating his guests while expressing his support to the cause. Russian socialites had flown all the way from Moscow, and Jean Robert Charrier came all the way from Paris with actress singer Amanda Lear, who also expressed support to Debra Mace, President of The Children For Peace ONLUS. Olivia Valere join in with Elena Evtuchenko on the red carpet, while lamia Khashoggi was greating her hosts and friends, Dr and Mrs Wassim Khoury, Mr and Mrs Richard Palmer, Count Rudy & Princess Marie Louise of Prussia, Jan Van Den akker and Sweeta Roy, Mrs Fabienne Salanic & Mr Jean Pierre Salanic, all long time supporters, and Unesco Artist for Peace Marisa Berenson, who is also honorary chairwoman of The Children For Peace. Frank Sibille , General Manager of Marbella Club Hotel also attended.Mr Ahmedd Ashmawi took Mrs Lamia Khashoggi to her official seatn close to Elly Ashmawi and Princess Beatrice Hohenlohe. Il Cavaliere Massimo Leonardelli supervised the settings, vips arrival and children welcome to Debra Mace. then was the time for wonderfull show by Montserrat Caballe and Montserrat Marty


    read here excerpts the report from Debra Mace about her last trip and mission in Syria or download full report .

    Faces in the following photographs have been blurred for the
    protection of the Syrian refugees
    • The Al Za’atari Syrian Refugee Camp is located in the desert
    bordering Syria
    • Temperatures reach up to 48° C
    • There are no structures for the current refugees. They all live
    in tents provided by UNHRC.
    • Most recent refugees are in Al Za’atari – approximately 31,000
    • Total Syrian refugees throughout Jordan – 100,000
    • Refugees arrive with only the clothes they were wearing. They
    have nothing left of their personal belongings.

    Al Za’atari Syrian Refugee Camp Facts

    850,000 liters of water delivered daily.
    Individual proportion – 50 liters per day
    221 toilet units
    200 shower units
    3 field hospitals
    3 primary clinics
    Electricity provided through the national grid
    but there are power outages

    Al Za’atari Syrian Refugee Camp

    • No communal kitchens
    • 60,000 hot meals per day are provided to the
    • Up to 1,500 welcoming meals provided daily
    for new arrivals
    • Septic tanks and 25 tons of garbage are
    removed daily by 120 sanitation workers
    • Camp capacity is 75,000 – 80,000 refugees

    Italian Field Hospital in Al Za’atari
    Syrian Refugee Camp

    Medical Facilities

    • The medical facilities are field hospitals.
    • These field hospitals are well-equipped and staffed
    with qualified medical personnel.
    • 400 babies have been born in the camp to date.
    • Pregnant women were forced to travel by foot from
    their homes to the camp. They are now cared for in
    the field hospitals.
    • Children’s medical services are available in the camp.

    Women’s Care Facility

    French Medical Facility

    Vaccination Center

    Al Za’atari Tent City – Safety for Syrians

    31,000 Syrians in Al-Za’atari

    Al-Za’atari is in the desert

    Temperatures Reach up to 48° C

    Families Suffer from a lack of clothing

    Adding tents – up 1,500 new refugees
    enter Al Za’atari Daily

    How You Can Help

    • Shipping anything to the refugees must go through strict channels. Please
    contact the President of The Children for Peace who has the approval by
    the officials in Jordan for in-kind donations.
    • Donate funds to provide caravans for the families so they can have better
    living quarters. Where to send the funds is on the last page of this
    presentation. Each approved caravan is $2,500 USD, VAT free, and
    purchased in Jordan. A plaque with the donor’s name may be placed on
    the caravan if so desired.
    • Contact manufacturers for blankets and clothing for adults and children,
    including shoes, and ask them to contact the President of The Children for
    Peace for shipping instructions and protocol.
    • Contact vitamin manufacturers to donate multi-vitamins for the refugee
    families and ask them to contact the President of The Children for Peace
    for shipping instructions and protocol.
    • Donations by solar companies for electricity and solar charging poles are
    desperately needed. Please contact us for details on the specifications.
    • Backpacks, notebooks, pencils, pens, and tablets for are needed for the
    children for school that is due to start in October.


    We are an Italian ONG and tax deductible. Check your country’s legal requirements for tax deductions.
    Please email the President of The Children for Peace (onlus) at : [email protected]

    To donate funds, please see our website: http://thechildrenforpeace.org/donations or

    For Bank transfers:
    Account Holder: The Children for Peace ONLUS
    Unicredit Banca
    Account Number: 040764054
    IBAN: IT 61 T 02008 01136 000040764054
    Bank Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 52, Torino 10128 Italy

    For Checks, make the check payable to: THE CHILDREN FOR PEACE ONLUS
    and mail to:
    The Children for Peace (onlus)
    Via Madama Cristina 31/C
    10125 Torino, Italy

    We thank you for your care and generosity.


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    Titiana Tridvornova's Symphonie d'Azur' on the French riviera showcasing photographer Ida Ruchina, chairman of the Chukotka Red Cross, telling the life of Chukotka simple people. Ida Ruchina supports the efforts developped in Russia's far east by her cousin, Roman Abramovitch.
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    Most beautifull Carrara Marble
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