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Industry Insight’s business knowledge is just a sample of the full MIP experience: face-to-face networking, deal-making, learning and future-shaping...











































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LIVE AT GERHARD's café Monaco

Ask Alicia Family Matters Live show

Nicole Petschek

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Mipcom redcarpet with Wonder Girls in Cannes

cruise to the Galapagos video

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EL DIABLO Saturday february 12th and 19Th 2011 LIVE FROM DIABLO.9 PM - MidnighLounge is right across the border of Monaco, heading to Menton, France. next to ZAPP (real food fast!) 1 Avenue de France, right across the Monaco border. Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France

Artists SYLVANA GAINIER www.sylvanagainier.com [email protected] & DAVIDE CORSERI will also exhibit.

Complimentary MAD-CROC vodka shots, snacks by ZAPP, live coverage by tendanceTV.com and TALENT IN MOTION Magazine. Printing by RIVIERA PHOTO of MONACO. Frames by L'ATELIER GALERIE
















































Ask Alicia

Family matters

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Monaco harbour





























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Thursday february 17th from 6.30 to 8.30 live from Fusion in Monaco for Monaco USA with Paul Earle, interviewing Dani Care for the launching of her book "redefining Amber", Sylvana Gainier, Mike Powers,Kate

Thursday february 17th from 6.30 to 8.30 live from Fusion in Monaco for Monaco USA with Paul Earle, interviewing producer Marco Orsinni, Alicia Sedgwick for Ask Alicia, nutritionist Susan Tomasini and more friends

Monaco USA at Fusion: More interviews with Paul Earl, Monett, ALicia Sedgwick and Alisson, Life coach.Riggi d'Amico, Coach Nicole, photographer Stephanie Parker , delicious sweet paintings and arts by Sylvana Gainier. Carl Henry,

Sunday february 20th live from Monte Carlo Story premises Marco Orsini/IETFF/ introduces director of "bran nue dae" in Monaco for film premiere

Saturday february 19Th 2011 LIVE FROM DIABLO.9 PM - Midnight. another LIVE EN DIRECT EVENT with TendanceTV www.tendancetv.us worldwide connect on www.tendancetv.us/live well no wifi or internet connexion at Diablo.... would you beleive it????

Stephanie PARKER exhibits her photographs of models in latex fashion at Cannes Film Festival 2000. Designs by ROBIN ARCHER HOUSE OF HARLOT. Exhibition is dedicated to the late, great HELMUT NEWTON, to whom she was a muse. [email protected]

Live from Gerrhad's café in Monaco, Tuesday february 15th With Gerhard and host  Robert Molenaar... Party was great with live singing from Jan and Sean along with Massimo, ON TUESDAY FEBRUARY 15TF and interviews by Robert who was in great shape…
For technical reasons the video file of tonight  HAS NOT BEEN SAVED… :-/ SO SAD

But we’ll come back next week and this time we’ll be ready and make sure we keep a copy of the filming


to watch live shows go www.tendancetv.us click on the right on "live events"Parties .


past events live on tendanceTV

ZEST in MONACO: Catherine Meyere/la Temposie along with paintings exhibition by Sylvana Gainier (part 1) ;-)

the 40 seconds at the beginning are fast forward mode. this is normal/ les 40 première secondes au début du clip sont en mode fast forward. c'est exprès :-)


ZEST in MONACO:: Catherine Meyere/la Temposie along with paintings exhibition by Sylvana Gainier part 2


download galapagos full story